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Play Blackjack on line with Pleasure

To play blackjack on line properly one should know the rules of the game, players and dealer's options, betting types and, of course, the basic strategy of the game and its odds. Let us help you to find out these main items.

Blackjack Game History Overview

The most popular blackjack origin version states that the ancestor of the game appeared in France in the 17-th century, and it was called "Vingt-et-Un" (the French term for "twenty-one"). The game was played preferably in salons and wasn't accessible to common people. The similar game varieties existed at the same time in other European countries. For example, in Spain the game was called "Veintiuna" and in Italy - "Sette e Mezzo".

Later the game was moved to the America and was spread all over the world. With the scientific and technical progress, there appeared online casinos with hundreds of popular card and slot games. So it became easier to train playing favorite games and practice card counting systems, not going out of the house.

Play Blackjack on Line: Basic Rules

Banker's Playing Rules

  1. The banker Stands of refuse from taking the additional card if he has 17-hand. Sometimes it is allowed to the croupier to Hit on soft 17-hand, but it depends on the game and on the casino table requirements.
  2. The dealer Hits, if he has 16-hand or less score.

Card Values

Cards are counted in the following way:

  1. An Ace - 1 or 11
  2. Face Cards - 10 points
  3. 2s - 10s - according to their value.

Blackjack Player's Options