MIT Blackjack Game: Card Counting and Main Rules

If you want to play some unusual game, which will give you a possibility to show all your skills and get a lot of money – think of playing blackjack! The most popular and playable casino card game online blackjack is favorite among the gamblers from all over the world. The game originated in 17-th century and still continues its development. During centuries it has obtained many different traces, which it borrowed even from games, which are not connected with cards or casinos at all! You will be surprised, but in this game you will meet terminology of such sport game as baseball! Of course, it is American innovation, which became a part of modern blackjack. There are bases in baseball and blackjack. If you hear, that player at the blackjack table says that he is at the first base, do not be surprised! It means, that he sit from the left to the dealer. The opposite position is the third and it means, that player sits from the right to the dealer. Remember that and you will never be confused with positions, playing this game. Dealer starts to deal cards from the first position always.

The history of blackjack (beginning from MIT blackjack till nowadays) is long and interesting and it is worth reading. Blackjack endured lots of changes and some of them changed the game completely. Basically, the only thing which is left from the original blackjack game is necessity to have not more than 21 points to win the game. But according to the historical researches, the original rules state that person won this game is if he had Ace and jack of Spades in card combination. That is why the game is called blackjack. Today you do not need to have this exact combination, though some game variations give bonuses for it, like blackjack on Lvbet.

It is known for certain, that blackjack was loved by famous historical personalities. One of the best strategists of all generations Napoleon Bonaparte also played blackjack. This game helped him to develop his logical thinking. No one knows which strategies were used by Bonaparte, but we know for sure, that if you want to win playing blackjack, no matter how clever you are, you have to use some tips and game recommendations. You can even count cards, if you are ready to really complicated game strategies. We offer you the short review of card counting history and its famous representatives, as this strategy really worth attention, probably even more, than any other aspects of blackjack development.