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Blackjack Probabilities

It's not a Rocket Science

After learning about the feats that Ken Uston & The Blackjack MIT Team achieved for making big bucks in Blackjack people tend to think, it is a must to attain such complex knowledge and strategies for turning out to be a winner at the Blackjack table. However, in reality, the fact the strategies are totally dependent on the player's skills and some basic ability to do a few simple calculations.

Determining the odds for losing does not guarantee a win every time; though it is true that in gambling a win is based on odds for losing. This is the reason even the most popular and best strategies actually are dependent on the probabilities and statistical science. Using the mathematics of probabilities definitely enhance ones odds of a win. For instance, putting aside all the complex strategies, the bottom line is once you get busted, your game is lost. In the following table the percentage of busting are given with the corresponding hand values.

Casinos do have an edge

Always keep in mind that casinos always ensure they are having an extra edge in a Blackjack game which is around 2 percent at an average. They get the edge because, a dealer always have to act the last after all the players have made their bets. This implies that more and more players are certain to get busted before dealer makes up his mind on how he should play his hand.

Moreover, it is the house which sets the game rules that imply that a few options might not be there for the players. For example, a general table rule says that a dealer should hit until seventeen, or should stand on soft seventeen (as mentioned earlier it is a hand that has an Ace which could be counted one or eleven). Also, it is quite important to find about the rules of the house even before coming at the table. For reducing the house edge or percentage, one should try to learn the fundamental strategies along with memorizing the table for probability given. When you look at the table you could clearly see that it's more than 50% of the times, chances are you would get a hit instead of going busted. It is because there are many cards at ten than other values of the deck, and these are Jack, King, queen and ten.