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Blackjack Tutorial on Counting Cards

Blackjack tutorial's on card counting main aim is to describe the most popular counting systems and help advanced players to reach the new height in playing casino games. Remember! Using any of the card counting systems is inefficient without the knowledge of blackjack basic strategy and the game probabilities. They are the starting point to the mastery of card counting technique.

It is impossible to count cards without the perfect knowledge of the basic strategy and its charts. Following the card counting blackjack tutorial you'll be ready to beat the casino and win a lot of money.

Card counting is a system of mathematical calculation of the hands. The counters don't memorize cards, they are simply waiting for a positive score.

How Card Counting Works

Almost all card counting systems are as simple as adding and subtracting the 1. Counting systems start with the 0 score. At the moment you are sitting at the table the score is 0. The count changes with each dealt card, depending on the card counting system. Card counters should watch not only their cards, but all other players' and the dealer cards.

The main aim of the most systems of counting is to wait until the positive score and start playing, placing larger bets to win higher blackjack payout.

Positive score means that there is big amount of larger cards in the deck and the player receives some advantages:

Card Counters Requirements

To become a successful card counter you need a lot of practice. It will take you months to master the counting technique. The gambler should constantly practice the card counting technique. It is not necessary to play blackjack while training, you may simply watch the game.