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It was in the 18th century that Blackjack first came into existence in France and since then it has gained immense popularity all over the world. It's also known as 21 (twenty one) in many places. It is quite a challenging game, because it requires skills like fast decision making, good observation, prompt thinking & statistical or mathematical skills to increase the chances for winning a game. A good way to reduce the losing odds is by busting the dealer. Let's find out how to get it done.

Some strategies and techniques

A lot of techniques and methods are there for doing it. One could use the very basic strategies like card counting system, or table or using chart method. Indeed, Blackjack is all about Math, it actually is a Math game. As in math, it involves lots of numbers and thus you must polish the mathematical skills that you have learnt till date, especially the statistics.

Moreover, you must be familiar with all rules of Blackjack game. It is also true that rules vary from one casino to another, so it is considered wise if you could find a casino that offers favorable rules to the players. You should know that there are many casinos round the world where card counting is considered unlikely. So, in the worst case if they see you counting the cards, you would be immediately asked to leave. It is at least better than those casinos where if you get caught red handed counting the cards, you will be beaten without any mercy shown by its security guards.

Though card counting is completely legal but like mentioned earlier there may be a few casinos that term it illegal and you may get penalized there. So, be very careful. You must know you should be practicing it at the right place; otherwise it could be a very painful experience.

The other thing that's worth mentioning here is, the way you consider a casino having large no. of customers, similarly you ought to consider that table in a casino which has the most number of players playing on it. In other words, it just implies that it's a casino or a table that brings out the winner in you. But be watchful wherever you sit. It is quite possible that tables with most persons are having drunkards or somebody playing recklessly there; in such situation don't sit at that table.

Always remember that after all Blackjack is just a game but at the same time it also a gamble and it is very crucial to use your money and time with care and sanity. Never ever spend all of your money in the game, it is not at all recommended. Set a target even before you start and set an amount fixed for it that you could afford to lose.