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Card Values

As mentioned before Blackjack is all about the individual values of each of the cards and each of the hands, as long as you are the table suits won't really matter. After all, the game's goal is to attain a higher total value of the points in comparison to the dealer, but without getting busted or getting over twenty one.

An Ace is either of one or eleven points, and player can choose its value as per the situation. Any hand that has an Ace in it is known as Soft hand as when a player takes hit, he would not get busted almost every time just because Ace would be considered as one in place of eleven. The face cards like jack, king and queen are of ten points each and the remaining cards are of the same values as their denomination.

Why 10s are considered so important

It's not a secret that people consider tens as very crucial cards in a Blackjack game and there are many reasons for that. There're a lot more tens than other values in the card deck. To be precise a deck has sixteen cards of ten points in 52 cards deck. The other cards have just four cards of their values. Also, tens play a very important role in the Blackjack as well, since a ten along with Ace yield twenty one as total. This leads to three to two payout that in drastically changes the player's edge for the good.

Why 5's are considered so important

A lot of people think 5 is the lowest profitable card in a deck as it makes it quite easy for any player for getting the stiff hand, which is nothing but an easy way to go busted. When you take out all of the 5s from the deck, the advantage would shift from house to player right away. It is with these cards like 5s and 10s that make card counting so much fun and interesting.