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The Rain Man effect

One of the most popular scenes concerning card counting could be watched in Rain Man, an Oscar awarded movie of 1988 with Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman in the lead. The movie revolves around two brothers Charlie Babbitt (Tom Cruise) and his autistic brother Raymond (Dustin Hoffman). In a crucial turning point of the movie, Charlie takes Charlie to Vegas for exploiting his talent in memorizing numbers.

Charlie makes Raymond learn the Blackjack game so that he could understand the process of counting the cards. Eventually these brothers make millions of dollars in Vegas Casinos before the authorities there intervened and banned the brothers from playing any game there.

It's about patience & perseverance

While in this movie, casino's security chief senses that Charlie was using some method for counting the cards though he wasn't sure how actually he was doing. In this case, Raymond was blessed with extraordinary gift of memorizing any number or cards he saw. But in reality it is true that with great efforts & patience, anybody could learn card counting.

Most of the experts till the last half century have mastered this art with their sheer hard work and the usage of mathematics and statistical science. That is the way for tracking the dealt cards for knowing what cards are remaining there to get played. Normally, almost all of the cards counting methods are dependent on a principle which assigns card values for high & low cards for tracking them akin to the betting systems and methods.

Taking into account the fact that Blackjack game normally pays out three to two in casinos, increasing the betting while counting hints that the Blackjack is more likely to provide the player a gain in the long run. The card counting indicates you the time for an enhanced chance when your dealer would go bust for a hard hand, if that deck is full of higher cards.

Moreover, it is also for your advantage to do the counting of cards for knowing when a good deal of higher cards is still remaining to get played. It is more of a situation where to double down your wager becomes more of certainty and lesser of chance. It is no wonder that the casinos have always opposed the methods of the card counting since they 1st came into existence.